Studies in Philology: Linguistics, Literature and Cultural Studies in Modern Languages
Maria del Mar Jiménez-Cervantes Arnao, Editor, Gema Alcaraz Mármol, Editor

Linguistics, Literature and Cultural Studies are the three main research areas within Philology. Scientific production, such as conferences and journals, has tended towards specialization, and has been traditionally classified according to separate disciplines and languages. However, this volume offers a holistic view of the wide area of Philology, therefore allowing the permeability of the three areas mentioned above. As such, this book shows that the line that separates Linguistics, Literature and Cultural Studies is actually very thin.This volume is composed of a miscellanea of philological studies dealing with various trends in Modern Language research. It looks at three languages in particular: Spanish, English and French, with a special relevance to the first two.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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