Handbook of Research on Uncovering New Methods for Ecosystem Management Through Bioremediation
Srivastava, Kajal, Singh, Shivom Om

Maintaining and preserving the environment is a crucial consideration in an era where climate change and rising sea levels are common knowledge. It is important for researchers and developers alike to explore potential solutions for a steadily warming world. The Handbook of Research on Uncovering New Methods for Ecosystem Management through Bioremediation focuses on the agricultural industry's impact on climate change, presenting critical concerns as well as innovations and contemporary research toward the solutions sorely needed by the global economy. With a primary consideration of bioremediation as an effective environmental management tool, this handbook provides insight to researchers, agricultural specialists, biologists, chemists, environmental engineers, and policymakers. Covering a broad range of topics such as pollution, microbial ligninolysis, environmental restoration, ecosystem management, and more, the chapters in this handbook are written by specialists and experts in their respective fields, offering a comprehensive compendium of current research in the industry.

IGI Global
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