Innovative Solutions in Fluid-Particle Systems and Renewable Energy Management
Tannous, Katia, IGI Global

The threat of natural resource depletion due to high energy demands has become a key concern in both the developed and developing worlds. To alleviate these concerns, researchers around the world are exploring sustainable methods for generating energy. Innovative Solutions in Fluid-Particle Systems and Renewable Energy Management presents phenomenological, experimental, and theoretical research, as well as market criteria and business models concerning the development of small- and large-scale chemical and energy plants. Associating academic and industrial experiences, this book highlights current topics in sustainable energy management and development with an emphasis on obtaining liquid, gaseous, and solid fuels using residues and energetic biomasses. Academicians, researchers, and technology developers will find this book useful in furthering their own knowledge and research in this field. A pivotal publication in the field of engineering, this title covers a range of topics including, among others, cellulosic feedstock, agricultural biomass, fluid dynamics, gasification processes, energy extraction from raw materials, and environmental sustainability.

Engineering Science Reference
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