River Basin Management VIII
Brebbia, C.A

This book contains the proceedings of the eighth international conference on River Basin Management including all aspects of Hydrology, Ecology, Environmental Management, Flood Plains and Wetlands. The biennial conference is organised by the Wessex Institute and was first held in 2001. The papers included in the book present recent advances predicting the flow, sediment transport, water quality, and ecological processes in river systems through computer techniques. The papers presented at the Conference cover such topics as: Water Resources Management; Flood Risk Management; Ecological and Environmental Impact; Erosion and Sediment Transport; Hydrological Modelling; River Restoration and Rehabilitation; Hydropower Impacts and Solutions; River and Watershed Management; Integrated Management; Water Quality Issues; Eutrophication and Agricultural Pollution; Trans-boundary River Issues; Estuaries and Deltas; Extreme Event Management; Wetlands; Climate Change and Adaptive Water Management; Water Quality and Health; Socio-economic and Political Issues; Water Governance and Water Justice; Data Acquisition, Management and Analysis; Flood Risk Control; Remote Sensing and Instrumentation; Dam Operation; Experimental Modelling; River Basin Risk Analysis; Emerging Technologies; Rain Water Systems; Erosion and Sediment Transport; Hydrodynamics.

WIT Press
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