Lasers and Light, Peels and Abrasions : Applications and Treatment
William H. Truswell IV

Lasers and Light, Peels and Abrasions for the Face in Health, Beauty, and Disease is a comprehensive clinical reference on all invasive and non-invasive treatments for aging, diseased, and congenitally deformed skin. Every treatment modality that's used for skin rejuvenation, scars, complications, vascular abnormalities, and ethnic skin type variations, and more, is explained in detail.Key Features:Online access to 10 videos in which the authors demonstrate the use of specific techniques with lasers and peelsContributors are experts in the fields of facial plastic surgery, plastic surgery, and dermatologyChapters on techniques used to treat East Asian, African, and Latino skinMore than 400 high-quality, full-color illustrations and photos clarify techniques presented in the textThis book is an excellent how-to reference for all otolaryngologists, facial plastic surgeons, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists who use lasers, light, peels, and abrasions to treat patients. Fellows and residents in these specialties will also find it very helpful.

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