Communication Theory and Application in Post-Socialist Contexts
Deborrah Uecker, Maureen C. Minielli, Michael R. Finch, Marta N. Lukacovic, Sergei A. Samoilenko

While the broader field of communication studies is gaining more global prominence, this is an era when the underrepresented voices are fortunately becoming more recognized. Communication Theory and Application in Post-Socialist Contexts illustrates how Eurasia and Central and Eastern Europe—the post-socialist region—represents a population of more than 400 million who embody a wide array of communication experiences. This book aims to capture significant communication tendencies in several post-socialist countries and situate these tendencies within communication theory and application. It contains the examples of theory-building and adaptation as well as applied projects implemented in national and local contexts. Only by inclusive incorporation of the underrepresented experiences in the field's discussions can the communication discipline continue to assert its relevance in and for the global community. This book serves as a resource for anyone on the quest of diversifying and globalizing communication studies.

Lexington Books
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