The Sensory Biology, Communication, Memory and Intelligence of Plants
Hyrandir Melo, Author

This book brings together the scientific knowledge of the various cognitive skills studied in plants through a physiological approach. The importance of the theme makes this an indispensable book for students, teachers and other professionals in the biological sciences, agrarian sciences and some segments of the behavioral sciences. In addition to providing information on new discoveries in plant science, this book offers a basis for the development of new plant cultivation technology and broadens the horizons of scientific investigation in various areas of research.Using different knowledge bases, the book explains how plants perceive themselves and the environment, how they communicate internally and externally, as well as how they modify their behavior in consonance with the changes that occur in endogenous and environmental stimuli. Behavioral changes, in turn, are the basis of approaches to addressing the thematic field of memory and intelligence. It is a work filled with intriguing aspects of plant behavior, such as the sensory mechanisms of plants'perception of sound, touch, smells, temperature, O2, O3, CO2, atmospheric pressure, NaCl, nutrients, electric and magnetic fields, water and relative humidity. In addition to those inanimate elements, the book also discusses the mechanisms of plant-plant, plant-microorganism and plant-animal perception, recognition and communication.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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