Mental Health and Wellness in Healthcare Workers : Identifying Risks, Prevention, and Treatment
Clint A. Bowers, Deborah C. Beidel, Madeline R. Marks, Kristin Horan, Janis Cannon-Bowers

Recent events have revealed that many healthcare workers are subject to very high levels of occupational stress, which has become particularly salient during the COVID-19 crisis. Recent research indicates that, due to a variety of occupational stressors, healthcare workers are at risk for a number of mental and physical ailments. Unfortunately, the literature on this topic is widely dispersed among numerous fields and must be accumulated to provide a thorough examination of the wellness of healthcare workers. Mental Health and Wellness in Healthcare Workers: Identifying Risks, Prevention, and Treatment draws attention to the emerging issue of stress-related illness in healthcare and assembles state-of-the-art research from various fields in order to understand the extent of our knowledge of specific risks, preventions, and treatments of stress-related illnesses. This book seeks to reduce negative outcomes for healthcare workers by assisting administrators in stress management techniques. Covering topics such as burnout and occupational stress, this reference work is ideal for clinicians, nurses, healthcare workers, researchers, administrators, academicians, practitioners, instructors, and students in fields that include clinical psychology, organizational psychology, and occupational health.

Medical Information Science Reference
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