Empowering Sustainable Industrial 4.0 Systems With Machine Intelligence
Muneer Ahmad, Noor Zaman

The recent advancement of industrial computerization has significantly helped in resolving the challenges with conventional industrial systems. The Industry 4.0 quality standards demand smart and intelligent solutions to revolutionize industrial applications. The integration of machine intelligence and internet of things (IoT) technologies can further devise innovative solutions to recent industrial application issues. Empowering Sustainable Industrial 4.0 Systems With Machine Intelligence assesses the challenges, limitations, and potential solutions for creating more sustainable and agile industrial systems. This publication presents recent intelligent systems for a wide range of industrial applications and smart safety measures toward industrial systems. Covering topics such as geospatial technologies, remote sensing, and temporal analysis, this book is a dynamic resource for health professionals, pharmaceutical professionals, manufacturing professionals, policymakers, engineers, computer scientists, researchers, instructors, students, and academicians.

Business Science Reference
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