Advances in the Modelling of Thermodynamic Systems
Elhoucine Essefi, Ibtissem Jendoubi

Thermodynamics is a common field of study involving many different specialties including physics, chemistry, geology, and cosmology. Thermodynamics is incredibly useful for manmade industrial processes related to material studies, renewable energy, and more. It is essential for professionals to stay current with the developments in thermodynamic systems, as thermodynamics proves vital for understanding natural macroprocesses related to geology, areology, and cosmology. Advances in the Modelling of Thermodynamic Systems discusses the recent advances in modeling of thermodynamic systems as well as the state-of-the-art manmade industrial processes and natural processes taking place on Earth and beyond. It reveals an interdisciplinary vision of thermodynamics from the minuscule to the immense. Covering topics such as entropy generation, linear modeling, and statistical analysis, this premier reference source is an essential resource for engineers, chemists, physicists, mechanics, geologists, cosmologists, students and educators of higher education, libraries, researchers, and academicians.

Engineering Science Reference
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