Geoscientific Investigations From the Indian Antarctic Program
Neloy Khare

Antarctica and the surrounding oceans are critical parts of the Earth system. The Earth's history establishes that Antarctica's core comprises a suite of crustal blocks that were once parts of various supercontinents. The geological record can provide critical insights into the evolution and processes of change in the Antarctic environment and the biota dependent on it. The development of geodetic infrastructure across Antarctica is imperative to facilitate the monitoring of its physical processes and to coordinate various infrastructure associated with Earth-monitoring techniques. Geoscientific Investigations From the Indian Antarctic Program is a reference that comprises geoscientific aspects of Antarctica through Indian scientific expeditions. It integrates them into a holistic understanding of Antarctica geoscience and its trajectory of change. Furthermore, it seeks to review scientific achievements and discuss what further accomplishments might be made in Antarctic geoscientific research and necessitates the evaluation of Indian geoscientific research from global perspectives. Covering topics such as geodynamical processes, mineralogical studies, and structural geology, this book is an indispensable reference source for polar researchers, geoscientists, geologists, geophysicists, oceanographers, hydrographers, surveyors, students and educators of higher education, researchers, and academicians.

Engineering Science Reference
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