Practical Guide to Successful Intellectual Property Valuation and Transactions

Identifying the optimal price for a transaction involving an intellectual property (IP) asset necessarily involves a thorough, well-reasoned, and well-supported IP valuation analysis. This matchless book draws on decades of experience from the world's most renowned IP valuation experts, patent office chief economists, finance and accounting professors, and top-tier legal professionals to provide clear guidance and immediately actionable knowledge on how to value IP assets in a multitude of scenarios. The contributors explore all major facets of IP valuation, ranging from the basics of value to technical economic methods in an approachable manner. The book examines the valuation of brands, copyright, trade secrets, patents, and other forms of IP from a multidisciplinary viewpoint with worked examples, draft contract language, case law analysis, and up-to-date theoretical considerations. Issues and topics considered in depth include the following: fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms; determining reasonable royalty rates; standard essential patents; profit apportionment; discount rates; role of the IP asset manager and multi-functional teams; IP management in collaborative research and development; financial methods and economic considerations; and operationalization of IP valuation in practice. The handbook is the result of five years of dedication and hard work by the advisors and a growing network of researchers, supporters, and end-users involved in the Asia-Pacific Research and Training Network on Trade. As IP becomes ever more indispensable in so many activities and industries that cross national borders, the need to overcome the lack of shared understanding of how to approach the valuation of IP becomes more urgent. This book will facilitate consistent approaches to the valuation of IP as an indispensable component of trade, investment, and sustainable economic development. It will provid

Kluwer Law International
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