Leadership Strategies for the Hybrid Workforce : Best Practices for Fostering Employee Safety and Significance
Matthew Ohlson, Lakshmi Goel

The global shift of the business world and the way the workforce navigates jobs is a powerful consequence of the global pandemic. Moreover, occupational health and safety initiatives are at the forefront of managerial discussions. Workplace trends show that the flexibility and adaptability demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic may prove to offer organizations new insights into employee recruitment, retention, and production. Leadership Strategies for the Hybrid Workforce: Best Practices for Fostering Employee Safety and Significance shares the strategies and best practices in making employees feel valued and significant—a key factor in both employee recruitment and retention and one that goes far beyond mere pay increases. It uses lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic to discuss these new organizational strategies. Covering topics such as digital change, employee significance, and organizational DNA, this book is an essential resource for business leaders, students and educators of higher education, human resource managers, CEOs, managers, researchers, and academicians.

Business Science Reference
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