Artificial Intelligence Applications in Agriculture and Food Quality Improvement
Mohammad Ayoub Khan, Rijwan Khan, Pushkar Praveen

Food is a necessary aspect of human life, and agriculture is crucial to any country's global economy. Because the food business is essential to both a country's economy and global economy, artificial intelligence (AI)-based smart solutions are needed to assure product quality and food safety. The agricultural sector is constantly under pressure to boost crop output as a result of population growth. This necessitates the use of AI applications. Artificial Intelligence Applications in Agriculture and Food Quality Improvement discusses the application of AI, machine learning, and data analytics for the acceleration of the agricultural and food sectors. It presents a comprehensive view of how these technologies and tools are used for agricultural process improvement, food safety, and food quality improvement. Covering topics such as diet assessment research, crop yield prediction, and precision farming, this premier reference source is an essential resource for food safety professionals, quality assurance professionals, agriculture specialists, crop managers, agricultural engineers, food scientists, computer scientists, AI specialists, students, libraries, government officials, researchers, and academicians.

Engineering Science Reference
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