Hands-On Data Structures and Algorithms with Python : Store, Manipulate, and Access Data Effectively and Boost the Performance of Your Applications
Dr. Basant Agarwal

Understand how implementing different data structures and algorithms intelligently can make your Python code and applications more maintainable and efficientKey FeaturesExplore functional and reactive implementations of traditional and advanced data structuresApply a diverse range of algorithms in your Python codeImplement the skills you have learned to maximize the performance of your applicationsBook DescriptionChoosing the right data structure is pivotal to optimizing the performance and scalability of applications. This new edition of Hands-On Data Structures and Algorithms with Python will expand your understanding of key structures, including stacks, queues, and lists, and also show you how to apply priority queues and heaps in applications. You'll learn how to analyze and compare Python algorithms, and understand which algorithms should be used for a problem based on running time and computational complexity. You will also become confident organizing your code in a manageable, consistent, and scalable way, which will boost your productivity as a Python developer. By the end of this Python book, you'll be able to manipulate the most important data structures and algorithms to more efficiently store, organize, and access data in your applications.What you will learnUnderstand common data structures and algorithms using examples, diagrams, and exercisesExplore how more complex structures, such as priority queues and heaps, can benefit your codeImplement searching, sorting, and selection algorithms on number and string sequencesBecome confident with key string-matching algorithmsUnderstand algorithmic paradigms and apply dynamic programming techniquesUse asymptotic notation to analyze algorithm performance with regard to time and space complexitiesWrite powerful, robust code using the latest features of PythonWho this book is forThis book is for developers and programmers who are interested in learning about data structures and algorithms in Python to write complex, flexible programs. Basic Python programming knowledge is expected.

Packt Publishing
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