Multidisciplinary Perspectives Towards Building a Digitally Competent Society
Sanjeev Bansal, Vandana Ahuja, Vijit Chaturvedi, Vinamra Jain

The world is undergoing a transformation as technology enters every ecosystem. Subsequently, there is a need to develop higher-order digital skills to ensure one's employability as professionals need to build digital competencies to remain competitive in the current work environment. Additionally, businesses must also continue to update their digital practices in order to remain relevant. Multidisciplinary Perspectives Towards Building a Digitally Competent Society explores multidisciplinary perspectives towards building a more digitally competent society, considers new business models and the need for organizations and individuals to develop the right mindset to embrace digitalization, and discusses how social capital can become a key driver in crafting a whole new digitally competent social fabric. Covering topics such as technological transformation, social media, and corporate social responsibility, this reference work is ideal for corporate practitioners, business owners, policymakers, scholars, researchers, practitioners, instructors, and students.

Engineering Science Reference
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