Managing Inflation and Supply Chain Disruptions in the Global Economy
Ulas Akkucuk

As the COVID-19 pandemic comes to a close, inflation has revealed itself to be a major problem for all countries of the developed world. The problem has been exacerbated in developing nations, which had problems even before the pandemic. Energy prices have increased, and with the increase in transportation costs, it has been more difficult for many retailers to stock shelves as they did before the pandemic. It is understood by many that the rising prices and supply chain disruptions will likely not be temporary and must be managed by future executives. Managing Inflation and Supply Chain Disruptions in the Global Economy uncovers the many ways businesses can manage this new phenomenon. It discusses global crises and their effects on the global economy in terms of inflation and supply chain. Covering topics such as inflationist impact, crisis leadership, and deglobalization, this premier reference source is an essential resource for economists, supply chain specialists, government officials, consultants, business leaders and executives, logistics professionals, IT managers, students and educators of higher education, researchers, and academicians.

Business Science Reference
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