Pure field electrodynamics of continuous complex charges: учебное пособие
Булыженков И. Э.

Continuous radial charges verses point ones have been successfully taught by the author at undergraduate courses: University of Ottawa (2005-2008, PHY 2323 - Electricity and Magnetism; PHY 4346 - General Relativity), Carleton University (2007-2008, PHYS 3701 - Elements of Quantum Mechanics), and the Moscow Insitute of Physics and Technology (2009-2015, FGAP Quantum Physics Problems, Nonlinear Electrodynamics). Coulomb energy divergence in traditional "point particle + field" physics had been always challenging students. MIPT ant many other top universities enroll graduate students in courses taught at the leading laboratories where the cutting edge science of currently unresolved problems is explored. Suggested learning through brainstorming of continuous charges instead of customary localized carries of mass and electricity can open a new vision of the nonlocal material world, which is invisible to superficial human perception. Well-established Euclidean electrodynamics and Sommerfeld relativistic quantization together require us to turn out attention back to the nonempty space plenum of the Ancient Greeks. Modern researchers should reject the conventional paradigm of curved empty space, which does not exist in physical reality. Contemporary empty space physics is overloaded with controversial energy problems, sophisticated metric constructions and unphysical singularities. By accustoming nonempty space and continuous charges under this tutorial (which tends to resolve radiation self-acceleration, Coulomb energy divergence and many other failures of Classical Electrodynamics), a reader on his may renew the Einstein mass-energy formula by electric terms, may relate the physical meaning of the Ricci scalar of material metric space to its scalar mass density, etc.

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