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Arthur Mason
Arctic Abstractive Industry : Assembling the Valuable and Vulnerable North
Berghahn Books, 2022
Bhadouria, Rahul, IGI Global, Tripathi, Sachchidanand, Srivastava, Pratap, Singh, Pardeep
Handbook of Research on the Conservation and Restoration of Tropical Dry Forests
Engineering Science Reference, 2020
Bruce M. Beehler, Tim Laman
New Guinea : Nature and Culture of Earth's Grandest Island
Princeton University Press, 2020
Carole LeBlanc, Editor
The Perils of Climate Risk: The People and the Science
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019
Eileen Crist
Abundant Earth : Toward an Ecological Civilization
University of Chicago Press, 2019
Ivelin A. Mollov, Author
Urban Ecology Studies of the Amphibians and Reptiles in the City of Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019
James Kalema, Alan Hamilton
Field Guide to the Forest Trees of Uganda : For Identification and Conservation
CAB International, 2020
Jeremy D. Allison, Ring T. Carde
Pheromone Communication in Moths : Evolution, Behavior, and Application
University of California Press, 2016
Jesse M. Keenan
Climate Adaptation Finance and Investment in California
Routledge, 2019
Marcus Hall, Dan Tamïr
Mosquitopia : The Place of Pests in a Healthy World
Routledge, 2022
Roger L H Dennis
Butterfly Biology Systems : Connections and Interactions in Life History and Behaviour
CAB International, 2020
Sean B. Carroll
The Serengeti Rules : The Quest to Discover How Life Works and Why It Matters - With a New Q&A with the Author
Princeton University Press, 2017
Zora Kovacic, Roger Strand, Thomas Völker
The Circular Economy in Europe : Critical Perspectives on Policies and Imaginaries
Routledge, 2020