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Brendan Quinn
Data Protection Implementation Guide : A Legal, Risk and Technology Framework for the GDPR
Kluwer Law International, 2021
Ivan Romashchenko
Related Party Transactions and Corporate Groups : When Eastern Europe Meets the West
Kluwer Law International, 2020
Jennifer Rothman
The Right of Publicity : Privacy Reimagined for a Public World
Harvard University Press, 2018
Maria Wasastjerna
Competition, Data and Privacy in the Digital Economy : Towards a Privacy Dimension in Competition Policy?
Kluwer Law International, 2020
Mary Ziegler
Beyond Abortion : Roe V. Wade and the Battle for Privacy
Harvard University Press, 2018
Robert Stilling
Beginning at the End : Decadence, Modernism, and Postcolonial Poetry
Harvard University Press, 2018
Serge Gijrath, Simone van der Hof, Arno R. Lodder, Gerrit-Jan Zwenne
Concise European Data Protection, E-Commerce and IT Law
Kluwer Law International, 2018
Woodrow Hartzog
Privacy’s Blueprint : The Battle to Control the Design of New Technologies
Harvard University Press, 2018