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André Antonio Pelegrine, Author, Marcelo Lucchesi Teixeira , Author, Marcelo Sperandio, Author, Peter Karyen Moy, Author
Procedures in Implantology, Prosthodontics and Surgery
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021
Barbara J. O'Kane, Laura C. Barritt
Neuroscience for Dentistry
Thieme, 2022
Information Resources Management Association
Oral Healthcare and Technologies : Breakthroughs in Research and Practice
Medical Information Science Reference, 2017
Kamalanand, K., Thayumanavan, B., Jawahar, P. Mannar
Computational Techniques for Dental Image Analysis
Medical Information Science Reference, 2019
Kerstein, Robert B., IGI Global
Handbook of Research on Clinical Applications of Computerized Occlusal Analysis in Dental Medicine
Medical Information Science Reference, 2020
Masayuki Okazaki, Author
The Book of Teeth and Bones
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021
Morenike Oluwatoyin Folayan, Editor
A Global Compendium of Oral Health: Tooth Eruption and Hard Dental Tissue Anomalies
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019
Peter Thomson, Author
Oral Cancer: From Prevention to Intervention
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019
Robert L. Schneider, Author
Understanding and Developing a Morphologic Occlusion
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2022
Yoshiki Oshida, Takashi Miyazaki
Biomaterials and Engineering for Implantology : In Medicine and Dentistry
De Gruyter, 2022