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Adam J. Levitin, Susan M. Wachter
The Great American Housing Bubble : What Went Wrong and How We Can Protect Ourselves in the Future
Harvard University Press, 2020
Gonzalez-Feliu, Jesus
Handbook of Research on Urban and Humanitarian Logistics
Information Science Reference, 2019
Matthew E. Kahn
Going Remote : How the Flexible Work Economy Can Improve Our Lives and Our Cities
University of California Press, 2022
Nanke Verloo, Luca Bertolini
Seeing the City : Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Study of the Urban
Amsterdam University Press, 2020
Vargas Hernández, José G., Zdunek-Wiełgoaska, Justyna Anna
Bioeconomical Solutions and Investments in Sustainable City Development
Engineering Science Reference, 2019