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Astrid Zimmermann
Elements in Landscape : Areas, Distances, Dimensions
Birkhäuser, 2020
B. Cannon Ivers
Staging Urban Landscapes : The Activation and Curation of Flexible Public Spaces
Birkhäuser, 2018
Cannon Ivers
250 Things a Landscape Architect Should Know
Birkhäuser, 2021
Jonathan Bean, Editor, Susannah Dickinson, Editor, Aletheia Ida, Editor
Critical Practices in Architecture: The Unexamined
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020
Lucius Burckhardt, Jesko Fezer, Martin Schmitz
Who Plans the Planning? : Architecture, Politics, and Mankind
Birkhäuser, 2020
Scott Jennings Melbourne
Refining Nature : The Landscape Architecture of Peter Walker. Second and Updated Edition
Birkhäuser, 2022
Susanne Stacher
Sublime Visions : Architecture in the Alps
Birkhäuser, 2018