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Cajetan Iheka, Jack Taylor
African Migration Narratives : Politics, Race, and Space
University of Rochester Press, 2018
Heba Gowayed
Refuge : How the State Shapes Human Potential
Princeton University Press, 2022
Jan-Jonathan Bock, Sharon Macdonald
Refugees Welcome? : Difference and Diversity in a Changing Germany
Berghahn Books, 2019
Julia Rose Kraut
Threat of Dissent : A History of Ideological Exclusion and Deportation in the United States
Harvard University Press, 2020
Liane Schenk, Monika Habermann
Migration und Alter
De Gruyter, 2020
Luisa Marcela Ossa, Debbie Lee-DiStefano
Afro-Asian Connections in Latin America and the Caribbean
Lexington Books, 2019
Richard Pine, Editor, Vera Konidari, Editor
Borders and Borderlands: Explorations in Identity, Exile and Translation (Durrell Studies 1)
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021