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Baldwin, James
Islamic Law and Empire in Ottoman Cairo
EUP, 2017
Cathrine O. Frank
Character, Writing, and Reputation in Victorian Law and Literature
Edinburgh University Press, 2022
Christopher Heath
Intellectual Property Law in China
Kluwer Law International, 2021
Christopher V. Carani
Design Rights : Functionality and Scope of Protection
Kluwer Law International, 2022
Eleanor Curran
Rethinking Rights : Historical Development and Philosophical Justification
Lexington Books, 2022
Erin I. Kelly
The Limits of Blame : Rethinking Punishment and Responsibility
Harvard University Press, 2018
Frederic R. Kellogg
Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. And Legal Logic
University of Chicago Press, 2018
Hunter, Ian, Whatmore, Richard
Philosophy, Rights and Natural Law
Edinburgh University Press, 2019
John C. P. Goldberg, Benjamin C. Zipursky
Recognizing Wrongs
Belknap Press, 2020
Jürgen Basedow, Toshiyuki Kono, Giesela Rühl
An Economic Analysis of Private International Law
Mohr Siebeck GmbH & Co. KG, 2022
Mark Osiel
The Right to Do Wrong : Morality and the Limits of Law
Harvard University Press, 2019
McCarthy, Conor
Outlaws and Spies : Legal Exclusion in Law and Literature
Edinburgh University Press, 2020
René Barents
Directory of EU Case Law on State Aids
Kluwer Law International, 2022
Richard H. Fallon Jr
Law and Legitimacy in the Supreme Court
Belknap Press, 2018
Thomson, C. Claire
Short Films From a Small Nation : Danish Informational Cinema 1935-1965
EUP, 2018
Tierney, Dolores
New Transnationalisms in Contemporary Latin American Cinemas
EUP, 2018
Ulf Bernitz, Xavier Groussot, Jaan Paju, Sybe de Vries
General Principles of EU Law and the EU Digital Order
Kluwer Law International, 2020
Valentina Cagnin
Labour Law and Sustainable Development
Kluwer Law International, 2020