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Giancarlo Cravotto, Diego Carnaroglio
Microwave Chemistry
De Gruyter, 2017
Govert Schilling
The Elephant in the Universe : Our Hundred-Year Search for Dark Matter
Belknap Press, 2022
Marco Ferrero, Roberta Arcidiacono, Marco Mandurrino, Valentina Sola, Nicolò Cartiglia
An Introduction to Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors
CRC Press, 2021
Michael Nielsen
Reinventing Discovery : The New Era of Networked Science
Princeton University Press, 2020
Rawesh Kumar
Surface Characterization Techniques : From Theory to Research
De Gruyter, 2022
Vincent Voet, Jan Jager, Rudy Folkersma
Plastics in the Circular Economy
De Gruyter, 2021