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Amihud Gilead, Author
A Panenmentalist Philosophy of Literature, or How Does Actual Reality Imitate Pure Possibilities?
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019
Andrea Staiti, Evan Clarke
The Sources of Husserl’s 'Ideas I'
De Gruyter, 2018
Anil Gupta
Conscious Experience : A Logical Inquiry
Harvard University Press, 2019
Arthur Sullivan
The Constitutive A Priori : Developing and Extending an Epistemological Framework
Lexington Books, 2018
Brandon Absher
The Rise of Neoliberal Philosophy : Human Capital, Profitable Knowledge, and the Love of Wisdom
Lexington Books, 2021
Ciro de Florio, Alessandro Giordani
From Arithmetic to Metaphysics : A Path Through Philosophical Logic
De Gruyter, 2018
Clare Carlisle
Spinoza's Religion : A New Reading of the Ethics
Princeton University Press, 2021
Daniel S. Milo
Good Enough : The Tolerance for Mediocrity in Nature and Society
Harvard University Press, 2019
Dariusz Kubok
Thinking Critically: What Does It Mean? : The Tradition of Philosophical Criticism and Its Forms in the European History of Ideas
De Gruyter, 2018
Dennis Schulting
Kant’s Deduction From Apperception : An Essay on the Transcendental Deduction of the Categories
De Gruyter, 2018
Divya Dwivedi
Virality of Evil : Philosophy in the Time of a Pandemic
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2022
Fred Stoutland, Jeff Malpas
What Philosophers Should Know About Truth
De Gruyter, 2019
Frederick Schauer
The Proof : Uses of Evidence in Law, Politics, and Everything Else
Belknap Press, 2022
Günter Figal
Philosophy As Metaphysics : The Torino Lectures
Mohr Siebeck GmbH & Co. KG, 2019
Jason Ananda Josephson Storm
Metamodernism : The Future of Theory
University of Chicago Press, 2021
Jens Allwood, Olga Pombo, Clara Renna, Giovanni Scarafile
Controversies and Interdisciplinarity : Beyond Disciplinary Fragmentation for a New Knowledge Model
John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2020
Leda Berio
Talking About Thinking : Language, Thought, and Mentalizing
De Gruyter, 2021
Luis Lobo-Guerrero, Laura Lo Presti, Filipe dos Reis
Mapping, Connectivity, and the Making of European Empires
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2021
Luis Lobo-Guerrero, Suvi Alt, Maarten Meijer
Imaginaries of Connectivity : The Creation of Novel Spaces of Governance
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2020
Mark R. Wheeler
Being Measured : Truth and Falsehood in Aristotle's Metaphysics
SUNY Press, 2019
Michael Strevens
Thinking Off Your Feet : How Empirical Psychology Vindicates Armchair Philosophy
Belknap Press, 2019
Miguel de Beistegui
Thought Under Threat : On Superstition, Spite, and Stupidity
University of Chicago Press, 2022
Nathan I. Sasser
Hume and the Demands of Philosophy : Science, Skepticism, and Moderation
Lexington Books, 2022
Nicholas Rescher
The Realm of Facts : Aspects of Philosophical Realism
De Gruyter, 2020
Nils-Frederic Wagner
Personenidentität in der Welt der Begegnungen : Menschliche Persistenz, diachrone personale Identität und die psycho-physische Einheit der Person
De Gruyter, 2013
Paul Weingartner
Knowledge and Scientific and Religious Belief
De Gruyter, 2018
Peter Königs
Problems for Moral Debunkers : On the Logic and Limits of Empirically Informed Ethics
De Gruyter, 2022
Pietro Gori
Nietzsche´s Pragmatism : A Study on Perspectival Thought
De Gruyter, 2019
Prasanna Gautam, Author
Reflections on Contemporary Values, Beliefs and Behaviours: The Adventures of an Enquiring Mind
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018
Qiu-zi Cong, Author, Xiang Yu, Author, De-yang Yu, Author
The Theory of Physical Particles and Yi Field
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021
Robert J. Roecklein
Kant’s Philosophy and the Momentum of Modernity : The Metaphysics of Fact Determination
Lexington Books, 2019
Stephanie Adair
The Aesthetic Use of the Logical Functions in Kant's Third Critique
De Gruyter, 2018
Tadeusz Ciecierski, Paweł Grabarczyk
Context Dependence in Language, Action, and Cognition
De Gruyter, 2021
Thomas Redwood, Author
The Philosophy of Rudolf Steiner: An Introduction
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2022
Vinicio Busacchi, Author
Action, Intersubjectivity and Narrative Identity: Essays on Critical Hermeneutics
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019
Wenceslao J. Gonzalez
Philosophy of Psychology: Causality and Psychological Subject : New Reflections on James Woodward’s Contribution
De Gruyter, 2018
William L. Vanderburgh
David Hume on Miracles, Evidence, and Probability
Lexington Books, 2019
Zena Hitz
Lost in Thought : The Hidden Pleasures of an Intellectual Life
Princeton University Press, 2020
Zeynep Pamuk
Politics and Expertise : How to Use Science in a Democratic Society
Princeton University Press, 2021