Всего книг: 18

David C. Flatto
The Crown and the Courts : Separation of Powers in the Early Jewish Imagination
Harvard University Press, 2020
Frederic R. Kellogg
Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. And Legal Logic
University of Chicago Press, 2018
Jennifer Rothman
The Right of Publicity : Privacy Reimagined for a Public World
Harvard University Press, 2018
Jonathan B. Baker
The Antitrust Paradigm : Restoring a Competitive Economy
Harvard University Press, 2019
Julia Rose Kraut
Threat of Dissent : A History of Ideological Exclusion and Deportation in the United States
Harvard University Press, 2020
Lee Anne Fennell
Slices and Lumps : Division and Aggregation in Law and Life
University of Chicago Press, 2019
Lisa Ford
The King’s Peace : Law and Order in the British Empire
Harvard University Press, 2021
Mark Rose
Authors in Court : Scenes From the Theater of Copyright
Harvard University Press, 2016
Martin Loughlin
Against Constitutionalism
Harvard University Press, 2022
Mary Ziegler
Beyond Abortion : Roe V. Wade and the Battle for Privacy
Harvard University Press, 2018
Paul Finkelman
Supreme Injustice : Slavery in the Nation’s Highest Court
Harvard University Press, 2018
Peter Charles Hoffer
The Search for Justice : Lawyers in the Civil Rights Revolution, 1950–1975
University of Chicago Press, 2019
R. W. Kostal
Laying Down the Law : The American Legal Revolutions in Occupied Germany and Japan
Harvard University Press, 2019
Robert Stilling
Beginning at the End : Decadence, Modernism, and Postcolonial Poetry
Harvard University Press, 2018
Ron Harris
Going the Distance : Eurasian Trade and the Rise of the Business Corporation, 1400-1700
Princeton University Press, 2020
Sonali Chakravarti
Radical Enfranchisement in the Jury Room and Public Life
University of Chicago Press, 2019
Thomas W. Merrill
The Chevron Doctrine : Its Rise and Fall, and the Future of the Administrative State
Harvard University Press, 2022
Warren Pezé, Daniel E. Rojas
International Recognition : A Historical and Political Perspective
Mohr Siebeck GmbH & Co. KG, 2021