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Adi Wijaya
Data Engineering with Google Cloud Platform : A Practical Guide to Operationalizing Scalable Data Analytics Systems on GCP
Packt Publishing, 2022
Avinash Navlani, Armando Fandango, Ivan Idris
Python Data Analysis : Perform Data Collection, Data Processing, Wrangling, Visualization, and Model Building Using Python
Packt Publishing, 2021
Bill Schmarzo, Dr. Kirk Borne
The Economics of Data, Analytics, and Digital Transformation : The Theorems, Laws, and Empowerments to Guide Your Organization's Digital Transformation
Packt Publishing, 2020
Brenn Hill, Samanyu Chopra, Paul Valencourt
Blockchain Quick Reference : A Guide to Exploring Decentralized Blockchain Application Development
Packt Publishing, 2018
Curtis Miller
Training Systems Using Python Statistical Modeling : Explore Popular Techniques for Modeling Your Data in Python
Packt Publishing, 2019
Gareth Eagar
Data Engineering with AWS : Learn How to Design and Build Cloud-based Data Transformation Pipelines Using AWS
Packt Publishing, 2021
Girish Kumar Gupta, Mohammad Hassan Baig
In Silico Chemistry and Biology : Current and Future Prospects
De Gruyter, 2022
Giuseppe Bonaccorso
Machine Learning Algorithms : Popular Algorithms for Data Science and Machine Learning, 2nd Edition
Packt Publishing, 2018
Giuseppe Ciaburro
Hands-On Simulation Modeling with Python : Develop Simulation Models to Get Accurate Results and Enhance Decision-making Processes
Packt Publishing, 2020
John Gilbert
Cloud Native Development Patterns and Best Practices : Practical Architectural Patterns for Building Modern, Distributed Cloud-native Systems
Packt Publishing, 2018
John K. Thompson, Douglas B. Laney
Building Analytics Teams : Harnessing Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Business Improvement
Packt Publishing, 2020
Kirankalyan Kulkarni
Learn Bitcoin and Blockchain : Understanding Blockchain and Bitcoin Architecture to Build Decentralized Applications
Packt Publishing, 2018
Kumar, B.
Contemporary Strategies and Approaches in 3-D Information Modeling
Engineering Science Reference, 2018
Revathi Gopalakrishnan, Avinash Venkateswarlu
Machine Learning for Mobile : Practical Guide to Building Intelligent Mobile Applications Powered by Machine Learning
Packt Publishing, 2018
Tarek A. Atwan
Time Series Analysis with Python Cookbook : Practical Recipes for Exploratory Data Analysis, Data Preparation, Forecasting, and Model Evaluation
Packt Publishing, 2022
Yoon Hyup Hwang
Hands-On Data Science for Marketing : Improve Your Marketing Strategies with Machine Learning Using Python and R
Packt Publishing, 2019