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Abusaada, Hisham, Vellguth, Carsten, Elshater, Abeer
Handbook of Research on Digital Research Methods and Architectural Tools in Urban Planning and Design
Engineering Science Reference, 2019
Carlone, G., Martinelli, Nicola, Rotondo, Francesco
Designing Grid Cities for Optimized Urban Development and Planning
Engineering Science Reference, 2018
Claire W. Herbert
A Detroit Story : Urban Decline and the Rise of Property Informality
University of California Press, 2021
Daniel T. O'Brien
The Urban Commons : How Data and Technology Can Rebuild Our Communities
Harvard University Press, 2018
Ferenc Hörcher
The Political Philosophy of the European City : From Polis, Through City-State, to Megalopolis?
Lexington Books, 2021
Linda Gibbs
How Ten Global Cities Take On Homelessness : Innovations That Work
University of California Press, 2021
Nadine Reis, Michael Lukas
Beyond the Megacity : New Dimensions of Peripheral Urbanization in Latin America
University of Toronto Press, 2022
Pedro Barbosa
Urban Ecology : Its Nature and Challenges
CAB International, 2020
Roberto Alonso González-Lezcano
Urban Sustainability and Energy Management of Cities for Improved Health and Well-Being
Engineering Science Reference, 2022