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Ahmed Y. Zohny
Barack Obama and the Arab Spring : A Successful Balancing Act of Foreign Policy and Diplomacy
Lexington Books, 2021
Cengiz Çandar
Turkey’s Mission Impossible : War and Peace with the Kurds
Lexington Books, 2020
Chris J. Dolan
Obama and the Emergence of a Multipolar World Order : Redefining U.S. Foreign Policy
Lexington Books, 2018
Fritz Bartel
The Triumph of Broken Promises : The End of the Cold War and the Rise of Neoliberalism
Harvard University Press, 2022
Gilbert Rozman
Strategic Triangles Reshaping International Relations in East Asia
Routledge, 2022
J. L. Black, Michael Johns, Alanda D. Theriault
The New World Disorder : Challenges and Threats in an Uncertain World
Lexington Books, 2019
Jean-Francois Drolet, James Dunkerley
American Foreign Policy : Studies in Intellectual History
Manchester University Press, 2017
Jeremy Green
The Political Economy of the Special Relationship : Anglo-American Development From the Gold Standard to the Financial Crisis
Princeton University Press, 2020
Kilian G. Seeber, Editor
100 Years of Conference Interpreting: A Legacy
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021
Marek Loužek, Author, Luboš Smrčka, Author
The European Integration Crisis: An Economic Analysis
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020
Michał Marcin Kobierecki
Sports Diplomacy : Sports in the Diplomatic Activities of States and Non-State Actors
Lexington Books, 2020
Ozum Yesiltas
Rethinking State-Non-State Alliances : Change and Continuity in the U.S.-Kurdish Relationship
Lexington Books, 2022
Raymond Mark Kirton, Marlon Anatol
Contemporary Issues in Caribbean and Latin American Relations
Lexington Books, 2021
Robert Hendershot, Steve Marsh
Culture Matters : Anglo-American Relations and the Intangibles of ‘specialness’
Manchester University Press, 2020
Sabella Ogbobode Abidde
Africa-China-Taiwan Relations, 1949–2020
Lexington Books, 2022