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Diane Coyle
Cogs and Monsters : What Economics Is, and What It Should Be
Princeton University Press, 2021
Ilkben Akansel
Comparative Approaches to Old and New Institutional Economics
Business Science Reference, 2020
John R. Ehrenberg
Civil Society, Second Edition : The Critical History of an Idea
NYU Press, 2017
Lisa S. Villadsen, Jason A. Edwards
The Rhetoric of Official Apologies : Critical Essays
Lexington Books, 2021
Peet van Biljon
Innovation for Value and Mission : An Introduction to Innovation Management and Policy
De Gruyter, 2022
Philip Hamburger
Purchasing Submission : Conditions, Power, and Freedom
Harvard University Press, 2021
Srithongrung, Arwiphawee, IGI Global, Ermasova, Natalia, Yusuf, Juita-Elena Wie
Capital Management and Budgeting in the Public Sector
Business Science Reference, 2019