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Alessio Terzi
Growth for Good : Reshaping Capitalism to Save Humanity From Climate Catastrophe
Harvard University Press, 2022
Andrew Kolin
Irrationality of Capitalism and Climate Change : Prospects for an Alternative Future
Lexington Books, 2022
Bob Johnson
Mineral Rites : An Archaeology of the Fossil Economy
Johns Hopkins University Press, 2019
Cristina Raluca Gh. Popescu
Frameworks for Sustainable Development Goals to Manage Economic, Social, and Environmental Shocks and Disasters
Engineering Science Reference, 2022
Daniel Edward Callies
Climate Engineering : A Normative Perspective
Lexington Books, 2019
Frank R. Spellman
Understanding Climate Change : A Practical Guide
Bernan Press, 2021
Jesse M. Keenan
Climate Adaptation Finance and Investment in California
Routledge, 2019
Michael Oppenheimer, Naomi Oreskes, Dale Jamieson, Keynyn Brysse, Jessica O’Reilly, Matthew Shindell, Milena Wazeck
Discerning Experts : The Practices of Scientific Assessment for Environmental Policy
University of Chicago Press, 2019
Mir Sayed Shah Danish, Tomonobu Senjyu
Eco-Friendly and Agile Energy Strategies and Policy Development
Engineering Science Reference, 2022
Peter Fox-Penner
Power After Carbon : Building a Clean, Resilient Grid
Harvard University Press, 2020
Roger A. Sedjo
Surviving Global Warming : Why Eliminating Greenhouse Gases Isn't Enough
Prometheus, 2019
William M. Alley, Rosemarie Alley
The War on the EPA : America's Endangered Environmental Protections
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2020
Zora Kovacic, Roger Strand, Thomas Völker
The Circular Economy in Europe : Critical Perspectives on Policies and Imaginaries
Routledge, 2020