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Aaron Ben-Ze'ev
The Arc of Love : How Our Romantic Lives Change Over Time
University of Chicago Press, 2019
Adam Adatto Sandel
Happiness in Action : A Philosopher’s Guide to the Good Life
Harvard University Press, 2022
James Doyle
No Morality, No Self : Anscombe’s Radical Skepticism
Harvard University Press, 2018
Jay L. Garfield
Losing Ourselves : Learning to Live Without a Self
Princeton University Press, 2022
Jean-Luc Marion
On Descartes’ Passive Thought : The Myth of Cartesian Dualism
University of Chicago Press, 2018
Lynette Hunter
Humanism, Capitalism, and Rhetoric in Early Modern England : The Separation of the Citizen From the Self
Medieval Institute Publications, 2022
Maria-Teresa Teixeira, Editor, Aljoscha Berve, Editor, Moirika Reker, Editor
Mind in Nature: Bridging Process Philosophy and Neoplatonism
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021
Melinda Hall
The Bioethics of Enhancement : Transhumanism, Disability, and Biopolitics
Lexington Books, 2017
Mike W. Martin
Mindfulness in Good Lives
Lexington Books, 2020
Sofia Miguens
The Logical Alien : Conant and His Critics
Harvard University Press, 2020
Stephen Theron, Author
Thought and Incarnation in Hegel
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020