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Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen
The Logical Tracts
De Gruyter, 2021
Andrew Spano, Author
Abdication of the Sovereign Self: The Psycholinguistics of Invalid Synthetic Propositions
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018
Anil Gupta
Conscious Experience : A Logical Inquiry
Harvard University Press, 2019
Anja Šarić
Nominalizations, Double Genitives and Possessives : Evidence for the DP-Hypothesis in Serbian
De Gruyter, 2018
Christian Martin
Language, Form(s) of Life, and Logic : Investigations After Wittgenstein
De Gruyter, 2018
Ciro de Florio, Alessandro Giordani
From Arithmetic to Metaphysics : A Path Through Philosophical Logic
De Gruyter, 2018
D. E. Buckner
Reference and Identity in Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Scriptures : The Same God?
Lexington Books, 2020
David Edmonds
The Murder of Professor Schlick : The Rise and Fall of the Vienna Circle
Princeton University Press, 2020
Elena Ficara
The Form of Truth : Hegel’s Philosophical Logic
De Gruyter, 2021
Eric Schumacher
Aristotle on the Nature of Analogy
Lexington Books, 2018
Gabriele M. Mras, Paul Weingartner, Bernhard Ritter
Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics : Proceedings of the 41st International Ludwig Wittgenstein Symposium
De Gruyter, 2019
Irad Kimhi
Thinking and Being
Harvard University Press, 2018
Riccardo Strobino
Avicenna's Theory of Science : Logic, Metaphysics, Epistemology
University of California Press, 2021
Sofia Miguens
The Logical Alien : Conant and His Critics
Harvard University Press, 2020
Stephen Theron, Author
Hegel’s System of Logic: The Absolute Idea as Form of Forms
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019
William Demopoulos, Michael Friedman
On Theories : Logical Empiricism and the Methodology of Modern Physics
Harvard University Press, 2022