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Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen
The Logical Tracts
De Gruyter, 2021
Alexander Stern
The Fall of Language : Benjamin and Wittgenstein on Meaning
Harvard University Press, 2019
Andrew Spano, Author
Abdication of the Sovereign Self: The Psycholinguistics of Invalid Synthetic Propositions
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018
Carolyn Culbertson
Words Underway : Continental Philosophy of Language
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2019
Christian Martin
Language, Form(s) of Life, and Logic : Investigations After Wittgenstein
De Gruyter, 2018
Eduardo García-Ramírez
Open Compositionality : Toward a New Methodology of Language
Lexington Books, 2019
Eleonora Orlando, Andrés Saab
Slurs and Expressivity : Semantics and Beyond
Lexington Books, 2020
Fred Stoutland, Jeff Malpas
What Philosophers Should Know About Truth
De Gruyter, 2019
Gerald Hartung
Beyond the Babylonian Trauma : Theories of Language and Modern Culture in the German-Jewish Context
De Gruyter, 2018
James Doyle
No Morality, No Self : Anscombe’s Radical Skepticism
Harvard University Press, 2018
Jocelyn Benoist
Toward a Contextual Realism
Harvard University Press, 2021
John A. Goldsmith, Bernard Laks
Battle in the Mind Fields
University of Chicago Press, 2019
John T. Lysaker
Philosophy, Writing, and the Character of Thought
University of Chicago Press, 2018
Nadja Germann, Mostafa Najafi
Philosophy and Language in the Islamic World
De Gruyter, 2021
Paul C. Mocombe, Author
Theory of Language and Meaning in Phenomenological Structuralism
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021
Paul Magee
Suddenness and the Composition of Poetic Thought
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2022
Piotr Stalmaszczyk
Philosophical Insights Into Pragmatics
De Gruyter, 2019
Robert B. Brandom
A Spirit of Trust : A Reading of Hegel’s Phenomenology
Belknap Press, 2019
Robin Reames
Seeming and Being in Plato’s Rhetorical Theory
University of Chicago Press, 2018
Samuel McCormick
The Chattering Mind : A Conceptual History of Everyday Talk
University of Chicago Press, 2019
Sofia Miguens
The Logical Alien : Conant and His Critics
Harvard University Press, 2020
Stanley Cavell, Nancy Bauer, Alice Crary, Sandra Laugier
Here and There : Sites of Philosophy
Harvard University Press, 2022
Tadeusz Ciecierski, Paweł Grabarczyk
Context Dependence in Language, Action, and Cognition
De Gruyter, 2021
Tahir Wood, Author
Philosophy of the Act and the Pragmatics of Fiction
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021
Tea Lobo
A Picture Held Us Captive : On Aisthesis and Interiority in Ludwig Wittgenstein, Fyodor M. Dostoevsky and W.G. Sebald
De Gruyter, 2019
Walter Benjamin
Origin of the German Trauerspiel
Harvard University Press, 2018
Zoltán Vecsey
Fiction and Representation
De Gruyter, 2019