Arbitration in Romania : A Practitioner's Guide
Crenguţa Leaua, Flavius A. Baias

Arbitration in Romania: A Practitioner's Guide provides international users with information on Romanian arbitration law and practice. Two very practical considerations have generated such need. On the one hand, there is a sizeable part of the international arbitration community confronted with arbitration cases connected to Romania (for example, as far as investment arbitration is concerned, Romania has so far faced twelve cases, each of them raising very interesting legal issues). On the other hand, there is a certain discrepancy between the current international perception on the status of arbitration in Romania and the actual situation, which relegates the country to a rather obscure position. This book aims to widen international practitioners'knowledge on Romanian arbitration law and practice thereby providing an opportunity to gain insights into key concepts, such as investment and arbitral proceedings, arbitral institutions, recognition and enforcement, arbitral awards, mediation, disputes, choice of law, etc. The detailed presentation of the current legal framework by the Romanian practitioners offers perspectives on aspects of arbitration in Romania and also provides important information on the development and current status of arbitration in Romania.

Kluwer Law International
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