International Arbitration and the Rule of Law : Contribution and Conformity

Volume 19 of the Congress Series contains the proceedings of ICCA's 2016 Mauritius Congress, the first ICCA Congress held in Africa. In this volume, renowned practitioners, scholars and jurists from the region and around the world explore the contribution of arbitration to the rule of law and economic development; the conformity of arbitration with international standards of due process and the rule of law; and the benefits and challenges of arbitration in Africa. Topical issues of interest for practitioners, academics and students of arbitration - in the region and internationally - include: • Due process issues in constituting the arbitral tribunal and challenging its members • Interim measures issued by arbitral tribunals and domestic courts • Burden, standard and types of proof in the corruption defence • What to do (and what to avoid doing) to prepare a persuasive case • Do post-award remedies ensure conformity of the arbitral process with the rule of law? • Do rules and guidelines properly regulate the conduct of arbitration? • The interface between domestic courts and arbitral tribunals • What are appropriate remedies for findings of illegality in investment arbitration? • The effect of foreign national court judgments relating to the arbitral award • What does the future hold for investment arbitration in Africa and beyond?

Kluwer Law International
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