Hand and Wrist Anatomy and Biomechanics : A Comprehensive Guide
Bernhard Hirt, Harun Seyhan, Michael Wagner

Hand and Wrist Anatomy and Biomechanics A Comprehensive GuideThere is a saying that'hand surgery without a tourniquet is like repairing a clock in a barrel full of dark ink.'Operating without a sound fundamental knowledge of anatomy can be compared to'stirring around in the soup.'Classic anatomy instruction covers only a fraction of the area of hand surgery: bones, muscles/ligaments, vessels, and nerves. The many different connective-tissue structures are often only briefly highlighted. The complex interaction of the various structures remains a mystery to most. This book presents the specialty of applied anatomy and is intended for medical professionals involved with the hand and its functionality: hand surgeons, trauma specialists, orthopaedists, plastic surgeons, occupational therapists, and physio-therapists.Key Features:Almost 150 illustrations, anatomical drawings, and photos of anatomy in vivo.Up-to-date information on clinical aspects such as diseases, their causes, and their treatment.Part 1 deals with the anatomy and functional anatomy of the handPart 2 is dedicated to the surface anatomy of the structures of the forearm, wrist, and hand

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