Pediatric Otolaryngology : Practical Clinical Management
R. W. Clarke

Highly Commended by the BMA Medical Book Awards for Surgical Specialties!Ear, nose, and throat diseases present and progress very differently in children than in adults, needing different diagnostic and treatment strategies. Training in the subspecialty of pediatric otolaryngology is often part of a general ENT program and not a program in itself. As such, the general otolaryngologist may be insufficiently prepared to handle certain pediatric cases.R. W. Clarke's Pediatric Otolaryngology: Practical Clinical Management aims to provide the pediatric ENT resident or fellow, as well as the general ENT practitioner, with sound clinical guidance on ENT pathologies as they affect the pediatric population.Key Features:Fully describes the characteristics of ENT diseases in children, as opposed to only describing how the disorders differ from their presentations in adultsInternational cast of expert contributorsPractice based, for the clinicianComprehensive accounts of hearing loss in children, often poorly covered in standard textsText boxes orient the reader to'danger signs,''top tips'in surgery, advice regarding potential complications, situations that need urgent referral, and medicolegal pitfallsPediatric Otolaryngology is an essential reference of this important subspecialty for ENT doctors in practice, as well as in preparation for board examinations.

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