Chemical Compound Structures and the Higher Dimension of Molecules : Emerging Research and Opportunities
Zhizhin, G. V.

Originally, scientists believed that molecules were three-dimensional; however, studies have proven that geometric dimensions are continuous. Therefore, molecules are able to have higher dimensions which influences how they interact with other molecules leading to advances in various fields including nanomedicine, nanotoxicology and quantum biology. Chemical Compound Structures and the Higher Dimension of Molecules: Emerging Research and Opportunities is a pivotal reference work studying the relationship between chemical compounds and dimensional space. Featuring comprehensive coverage across a range of related topics, such as convex polytypes, Euler-Poincaré equations, intermolecular interactions, and the Schrodiner equation, this book is an ideal reference source for academicians, researchers, and advance-level students seeking innovative research on molecule dimensions and interactions.

Engineering Science Reference
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