Hands-On Spring Security 5 for Reactive Applications : Learn Effective Ways to Secure Your Applications with Spring and Spring WebFlux
Tomcy John

Secure your Java applications by integrating the Spring Security framework in your codeKey FeaturesProvide authentication, authorization and other security features for Java applications.Learn how to secure microservices, cloud, and serverless applications easilyUnderstand the code behind the implementation of various security featuresBook DescriptionSecurity is one of the most vital concerns for any organization. The complexity of an application is compounded when you need to integrate security with existing code, new technology, and other frameworks. This book will show you how to effectively write Java code that is robust and easy to maintain.Hands-On Spring Security 5 for Reactive Applications starts with the essential concepts of reactive programming, Spring Framework, and Spring Security. You will then learn about a variety of authentication mechanisms and how to integrate them easily with the Spring MVC application. You will also understand how to achieve authorization in a Spring WebFlux application using Spring Security.You will be able to explore the security confgurations required to achieve OAuth2 for securing REST APIs and integrate security in microservices and serverless applications. This book will guide you in integrating add-ons that will add value to any Spring Security module.By the end of the book, you will be proficient at integrating Spring Security in your Java applicationsWhat you will learnUnderstand how Spring Framework and Reactive application programming are connectedImplement easy security confgurations with Spring Security expressionsDiscover the relationship between OAuth2 and OpenID ConnectSecure microservices and serverless applications with SpringIntegrate add-ons, such as HDIV, Crypto Module, and CORS supportApply Spring Security 5 features to enhance your Java reactive applicationsWho this book is forIf you are a Java developer who wants to improve application security, then this book is for you. A basic understanding of Spring, Spring Security framework, and reactive applications is required to make the most of the book.

Packt Publishing
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