Nursery Screening for Ganoderma Response in Oil Palm Seedlings : A Manual
Miranti Rahmaningsih, Ike Virdiana, Syamsul Bahri, Yassier Anwar, Brian P Forster, Frédéric Breton

This is a hands-on, practical guide covering seedling screening for disease response in oil palm for pathology, breeding and genetics. Oil palm is the top oil crop in the world and Ganoderma is the most devastating disease of oil palm. The authors are all actively engaged in oil palm seed production and breeding and bring together the many aspects of seedling disease testing in to one integrated manual. Presenting sound practices based on scientific innovation and knowledge, this guide provides techniques integrated with expertise and also looks towards future possibilities. Promoting green, eco-friendly agriculture, this book covers: Health and safety considerations Media preparation for in vitro culture Collecting isolates and culture preparation Preparation of Ganoderma inoculum Nursery inoculation Scoring response Based on experience and protocols, this is an invaluable manual for students and researchers in agriculture, plant breeders, growers, traders and production companies interested in the practicalities of oil palm pathology. It provides a resource for training, a knowledge base for people new to oil palm and a reference guide for managers, to ensure best practices in maximising sustainability and production of this important crop.

CAB International
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