Brexit: The Legal Implications : The Legal Implications
Andrea Biondi, Patrick J. Birkinshaw, Maria Kendrick

If Brexit comes to pass, what changes in the United Kingdom legal system will the world face when dealing with the UK? The contributors to this penetrating new collection of studies – a worthy successor to the widely read pre-referendum Britain Alone! – bring a prodigious level of expert scrutiny to the myriad of rami?cations of this hugely complex subject. This book gathers together experts from different?elds of legal practice and academia, not only to discuss the ongoing negotiations but also – and most valuably – to highlight and address the legal implications of possible scenarios and solutions for a post-Brexit United Kingdom and European Union. With topical chapters based on the Brexit Seminar Series held by the Centre of European Law at King's College London, the contributors address the challenges, options, opportunities, and possibilities that the Brexit process may engender in such areas as the following: – constitutional and administrative law; – the European Economic Area and the European Free Trade Association; – EU State aid; – the Irish border; – the fall-back position of the WTO rules should no agreement be achieved; – banking law,?nancial services, and capital markets; – debt restructuring and insolvency practice; – environmental issues; – private international law; – tax; – citizenship; – social security; and – residence rights, especially considering women and children. Due to the unprecedented event that Brexit represents, there is an insatiable need for knowledge and technical detail as to its possible legal implications. This book, in its thorough analysis of the ongoing Brexit process and its technical understanding of the meaning of Brexit for several substantive areas of law, offers a solidly grounded and revealing exploration of the future that is particularly enlightening in explaining the challenges that the UK legal order is facing as a consequence of Brexit.

Kluwer Law International
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