Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Additive Manufacturing
Sachin Salunkhe, Hussein Mohammed Abdel Moneam Hussein, J. Paulo Davim

After the recent launch of home-based personal 3D printers as well as government funding and company investments in advancing manufacturing initiatives, additive manufacturing has rapidly come to the forefront of discussion and become a more approachable lucrative career of particular interest to the younger generation. It is essential to identify the long-term competitive advantages and how to teach, inspire, and create a resolute community of supporters, learners, and new leaders in this important industry progression. Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Additive Manufacturing provides instruction on how to use artificial intelligence to produce additively manufactured parts. It discusses an overview of the field, the strategic blending of artificial intelligence and additive manufacturing, and features case studies on the various emerging technologies. Covering topics such as artificial intelligence models, experimental investigations, and online detections, this book is an essential resource for engineers, manufacturing professionals, computer scientists, AI scientists, researchers, educators, academicians, and students.

Engineering Science Reference
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