Contemporary Challenges for Agile Project Management
Vannie Naidoo, Rahul Verma

Given the pace at which projects must be completed in an era of global hypercompetition and turbulence, examining the project management profession within the contexts of international trade and globalization is essential to encourage the highest level of efficiency and agility. Agile project management provides a flexible approach to managing projects as it allows a team to break large projects down into more manageable tasks that can be tackled in short iterations or sprints, thus enabling a team to adapt to change quickly and deliver work fast. Contemporary Challenges for Agile Project Management highlights the modern struggles that face businesses and leaders as they work to implement agile project management within their processes and try to gain a competitive edge through cross-functional team collaboration. Covering many underrepresented topics related to areas such as critical success factors, data science, and project leadership, this book is an essential resource for project leaders, managers, supervisors, business leaders, consultants, researchers, academicians, and students and educators of higher education.

Business Science Reference
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