Judicial Review of Arbitration : Law and Practice in China
Lin Yifei

International commercial arbitration relies on the possibility of enforcing arbitral decisions against recalcitrant parties. In China, a crucial world market, where the annual arbitration caseload has reached 200,000 and where arbitration is evolving, authorities attach great importance to judicial review of arbitration. This is the first book to address issues concerning the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards under applicable law in “Greater China”—the People's Republic (PRC), Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao—describing and analyzing the effect of judicial review on a wealth of recent issues and cases. After providing an overview of the legal framework for Chinese arbitration and judicial review of arbitration, the book introduces and discusses the law governing the arbitration agreement, due process, the arbitrator's power, arbitrability, formation of arbitral tribunal, mediation and public policy. In its focus on the various challenges and defenses arising at all stages of the enforcement application process, such issues and topics as the following are covered in detail: • significant judicial interpretations of the Supreme People's Court as recent as 2018; • examination of the validity of arbitration agreements; • setting aside and enforcement of arbitral awards by PRC arbitration institutions; • role of the New York Convention and other treaties; • succession of contract; • examination of evidence; and • role of competition law and intellectual property law. In the discussion of each case and each type of issue, the book shows clearly what kind of arbitral awards can be recognized and enforced in China and what kind cannot. Comparative studies of foreign laws and practices are included where relevant, and an abundance of primary source material is provided in appendices. Practitioners, global law firms, companies doing transnational business, jurists and academics from all countries concerned with matters regarding international and foreign-related arbitration in China will welcome this invaluable source of detailed information.

Kluwer Law International
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