Concise European Data Protection, E-Commerce and IT Law
Serge Gijrath, Simone van der Hof, Arno R. Lodder, Gerrit-Jan Zwenne

Since the second edition (2010) of this invaluable book – primary texts with expert article-by-article commentary on European data protection, e-commerce and information technology (IT) regulation, including analysis of case law – there has been a marked shift in regulatory focus. It can be said that, without knowing it, EU citizens have migrated from an information society to a digital single market to a data-driven economy. This thoroughly revised and updated third edition pinpoints, in a crystal-clear format, the meaning and application of currently relevant provisions enacted at the European and Member State levels, allowing practitioners and other interested parties to grasp the exact status of such laws, whether in force, under construction, controversial or proposed. Material has been rearranged and brought into line with the vibrant and constantly shifting elements in this field, with detailed attention to developments (most new to this edition) in such issues as the following: · cybersecurity; · privacy rights; · supply of digital content; · consumer rights in electronic commerce; · Geo-blocking; · open Internet; · contractual rules for online sale of (tangible) goods; · competition law in the IT sectors; · consumer online dispute resolution; · electronic signatures; and · reuse of public sector information. There is a completely new section on electronic identification, trust and security regulation, defining the trend towards an effective e-commerce framework protecting consumers and businesses accessing content or buying goods and services online. The contributors offer a very useful and practical review and analysis of the instruments, taking into account the fluidity and the transiency of the regulation of these very dynamic phenomena. This book will be quickly taken up by the myriad professionals – lawyers, officials and academics – engaged with data protection, e-commerce and IT on a daily basis.

Kluwer Law International
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