Hands-On Image Processing with Python : Expert Techniques for Advanced Image Analysis and Effective Interpretation of Image Data
Sandipan Dey

Explore the mathematical computations and algorithms for image processing using popular Python tools and frameworks.Key FeaturesPractical coverage of every image processing task with popular Python librariesIncludes topics such as pseudo-coloring, noise smoothing, computing image descriptorsCovers popular machine learning and deep learning techniques for complex image processing tasksBook DescriptionImage processing plays an important role in our daily lives with various applications such as in social media (face detection), medical imaging (X-ray, CT-scan), security (fingerprint recognition) to robotics & space. This book will touch the core of image processing, from concepts to code using Python.The book will start from the classical image processing techniques and explore the evolution of image processing algorithms up to the recent advances in image processing or computer vision with deep learning. We will learn how to use image processing libraries such as PIL, scikit-mage, and scipy ndimage in Python. This book will enable us to write code snippets in Python 3 and quickly implement complex image processing algorithms such as image enhancement, filtering, segmentation, object detection, and classification. We will be able to use machine learning models using the scikit-learn library and later explore deep CNN, such as VGG-19 with Keras, and we will also use an end-to-end deep learning model called YOLO for object detection. We will also cover a few advanced problems, such as image inpainting, gradient blending, variational denoising, seam carving, quilting, and morphing.By the end of this book, we will have learned to implement various algorithms for efficient image processing.What you will learnPerform basic data pre-processing tasks such as image denoising and spatial filtering in PythonImplement Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and Frequency domain filters (e.g., Weiner) in PythonDo morphological image processing and segment images with different algorithmsLearn techniques to extract features from images and match imagesWrite Python code to implement supervised / unsupervised machine learning algorithms for image processingUse deep learning models for image classification, segmentation, object detection and style transferWho this book is forThis book is for Computer Vision Engineers, and machine learning developers who are good with Python programming and want to explore details and complexities of image processing. No prior knowledge of the image processing techniques is expected.

Packt Publishing
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