Contrastive Phraseology: Languages and Cultures in Comparison
Fabio Mollica, Editor, Paola Cotta Ramusino, Editor

This volume is addressed to researchers in the field of phraseology, and to teachers, translators and lexicographers. It is a collection of essays offering a comprehensive, modern analysis of phrasemes, embracing a wide range of subjects and themes, from linguistic, both applied and theoretical, to cultural aspects. The contrastive approach underlying this variety of themes allows the divergences and analogies between phraseological units in two or more languages to be outlined. The languages compared here are both major and minor, European and non-European, and the text includes contrastive analyses of the most commonly investigated languages (French-German, English-Spanish, Russian-German), as well as some less frequently investigated languages (like Ukrainian, Romanian, Georgian and Thai), which are not as well-represented in phraseological description, despite their scientific interest.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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